The importance of high-quality residential and commercial wiring materials used and properly installed is all too often overlooked. Issues with audio, video and computer problems are sometimes caused by faulty cable. Our technicians are qualified to remove, repair, rearrange and/or maintain the cabling of your home or office.

Preferred Connections Cable & Wiring

Preferred Connections can help with your high speed internet installation, whether you have a T1 line, DSL or cable modem running into your home or office. We are experienced in running all cable and wiring associated with audio, video, data and voice. The specific cabling needed is run throughout your home, office or building and is terminated professionally with jacks and faceplates. All cable installations are tested to ensure that they are fully operational and ready for use. If necessary, connectors, patch cables, punch blocks, and/or patch panels are mounted and configured to our customer needs.